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Today Amritsar is a media company that came into being to familiarize people with the holy city, Amritsar. We are keen to let people know about its rich heritage, its historical background, and it being a land of delicious food.

There is a lot that people already know about the city and there are various sources to discover it. However, we being its citizens carry its essence within us and want people to know what we know about it.

Our website reflects every flavor of the city, aimed at giving you its virtual tour. Apart from helping you explore the holy land, we fetch you the latest from the entertainment world. And to make it more interesting, we will help you shop things you would love.

No wonder, you would find deals on our web space for things you really want to own or the food you are dying to eat. We are a bunch of tech enthusiasts and evangelists of the Punjabi culture; happy to help people get entertained, shop, and enjoy to their fullest.

We also provide our website as a promotional platform for companies that want to reach a global audience. Owned by Host Web Host, Today Amritsar is consistently working to delight people in a world, where they fall short of their daily dose of candid smiles and hearty laughter.